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+ If you would like to place a hold on a character, you may do so here
+ It may take us some time to process applications, especially with more major characters. Please be patient; we will get back to everyone.
+ Look through the open/taken character list to make sure your character is available. Also, looking through the Departments page might be helpful for choosing a field/major.
+ You may only have one character to start off. If you wish to apply for an additional character, you must have been active with your first and obtain permission from the mods. Moreover, when applying for additional characters, you may only apply for one at a time (i.e. you can't submit both second and third character apps at the same time).
+ If you are rejected for a character, you must obtain permission first before reapplying for that character.


1. Read the rules.

2. Direct any basic questions you have to the FAQ post.

3. The actual application consists of two parts that should be posted as two separate replies to this post (all applications are screened until acceptance):

Part 1

Personal LJ Journal:
Other Instant Messenger(s):
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Year and Major (student) OR Job Position (professor/faculty): [see here for some ideas]

Character History:
Write at least a paragraph describing your character’s background, interests, and any relationships with other characters he/she may have. If there has been a previous player for your character, you can find their logs by accessing the tags list, although you're more than welcome to start the character from scratch.

Part 2
Please post this in a separate comment from the first, since this comment will be unscreened once the decision has been made.

Writing Sample (third-person, past tense): The length of this section should be at least roughly two to three paragraphs. The subject of the passage should revolve around something in your character’s life, whether a memorable event or inner thoughts. Dialogue is permissible, but should not be the main focus. Interaction with other characters during the passage should be kept to a minimum, since we are trying to get a feel for your version of the character, not his/her friends.

Journal Entry (first person): This should be an entry from your character’s journal recounting what happened during his/her day. There’s no minimum or maximum length, but remember, we’re trying to get a feel for your character. A few sentences usually won’t be very effective.
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