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Last Updated 08/30/2006

How do I know if my character is a student, professor, etc.?
Unless your character was played by someone else prior and the mods recommend that he/she keeps the same title as the previous player, you will get to decide how your character is affiliated with Karakura U. However, we ask that you be logical in your choice: for example, it is highly doubtful that Yamamoto would be a freshman in college.

If you apply and the mods are skeptical about your choice of affiliation, we may ask you to reapply.

Where is the game set?
As was decided by a community poll a few days back, Karakura University is somewhere in New England, USA. We haven't picked a particular state, but given how close they are, we figure that this would suffice for now.

If rejected, will I be able to apply for the same character again?
If you are rejected for a character and wish to apply again, you can always just ask the mods where the problem with your app was and reapply. This is not necessarily recommended, though.

Can I apply for a dead character?
Yes, you're allowed to app for any character, including dead ones, such as Kaien. (The only exception to this rule is probably Ichigo's mother, since Ichigo's personality was highly affected by her death.)

What do I do if my questions aren’t answered on here?
Just ask on this journal, and we’ll get back to you!
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